The Expedition takes off on Wednesday 22 February at 6:40 from Helsiinki-Vantaa airport. The route goes via Amsterdam to Montreal, then to Ottawa where we'll wait 12 hours on the airport for the Resolute plain to take off. We'll arrive at Resolute 23 February afternoon. We will then start the acclimatisation, training and packing which will last based on the preliminary schedule until the 5 March.

During this time, we'll check all materials already sent to Resolute as well as materials we have ordered to be delivered there. We'll either fix or replace damaged goods and pack the pulkas. At that time, we'll get use to the cold climate, practise skiing and camping routines and finish the last details. We'll also pack those materials which can be dropped to us in case we need to rely on external support.

On the 5 March we'll pack Twin Otter and get transported to 1000 kilometers north to Ward Huntt. We'll be using two plains to get to the startng position. When everything is ready, we'll clip on the skis, ski for 8 weeks and that's it! We'll arrive to the Pole just in time to celebrate the First of May. We'll transport to Longyearbyen in the beginning of May. Based on the preliminary schedule, we'll return back to Helsinki around 4 May.